Sure that you’ve heard of the Beach Club many times and even participated in quite a few operations in the Beach Club, but you already know all about the Beach Club yet? Oh , you will also be surprised with a list of activities and programs at the Danang Beach Club there.

Water sports

You will not be surprised to see an extra long list of programs, festivals, and activities in Da Nang beach this summer. If you bleed , at least join skydiving or scuba diving, this is the nature of the activities ‘ challenge ‘ and make sure you are extremely satisfied and want to play again.


The water sports activities in Danang, especially in the beach club will give you a more reliable sense when someone links or coach if you are a novice. Every year there is a lot of competition going on in Danang , you will encounter many of the talented characters appeared in the Da Nang beach club.


Sunshine with a beautiful beach is the advantage of Danang , was given to the coastal city to participate in sports activities in town , do not hesitate to sun , play our best .

Restaurants and bars

Another plus point in the beach club is that you will have fun without having to worry about the food and drinks. Basically , the beach club restaurant is like the normal restaurant beside you are enjoying fresh seafood dishes freshly prepared , immersed in the sea breeze and the smell of nature to enjoy delicious dishes .


Go to the Beach Club if you do not take the family that went with friends , this is my best time with super delicious cocktails . Did you try margaritas at sea yet? Or do you ever lie on the sand and drink B52 yet? This is where you do the ‘ strange but familiar ‘ in the long list of things you need to do when you were young.


Weddings are also listed on the list of activities of the Beach Club, yes, the wedding party on the sea will be different and attract admiration. If you do not want to held at the resort but would like to invite the full friends, receiving lots of wishes and interact with people, the wedding at the Beach Club is the smart choice.


One of the interesting things when the wedding at the Beach Club is you’ll get a decent deal from here. For example, a free stay cool in the room (limited to a few days) or a pair of tickets diving, free canoes to explore the island green example.

Consider and plan to join one of the activities of the Beach Club this summer, it will surely make you remember not to forget it.

Source: Holidaybeach Danang – Danang Luxury Hotel