Vietnam’s cuisine is becoming among the most sought-after in the world. Its combination of fresh ingredients, delicate cooking styles and exquisite flavors has allowed Vietnamese cooking to become popular across the globe. But there is nothing like experiencing genuine Vietnamese cuisine in its native land, and Danang offers an amazing array of culinary opportunities.

In Central Vietnam, the food is heavily influenced by the imperial court cuisine of Hue. This means it is spicy and well-seasoned, with a rich range of influences, from the Chinese in the north to the Khmer and Thai in the south and west.

Danang offers a selection of local signatures dishes, which are made using local, fresh ingredients. These include bún chả cá (fish ball noodle soup), cánh gà chiên mắm (fried chicken wings in fish sauce) and mít trộn (salad with jackfruit and pork rind). The city’s coastal location also makes it a haven for seafood.