– Travel tips in Lunar New Year 2015

In the New Year, Lunar New Year 2015 you’re on the list with the new plans for your trip.

Along Danang Beach Holiday travel guides to the best in the Lunar New Year 2015 to you.

Cẩm nang du lịch tốt nhất trong dịp tết nguyên đán 2015

 Choose your destination

The tourist attractions waiting to welcome the new year and the most interesting things that tourists should visit on the occasion of the first year are: Hanoi ancient capital with the ups and downs hidden underneath the monument heroic history of the nation, Da Nang-viewed as the first city in 2015 that you should travel. Da Nang owns the harmony hold rich beauty of nature and unique to the typical architecture.

Ho Chi Minh City will be the next stop on the first occasion. Saigon does not possess the characteristics of the air-conditioned Vietnam, but the light of the dry lands with full modern development is intriguing for your trip, ….

In addition, you should also visit other sites such as Spa, Hue, …. carries a unique beauty in the culture of the Vietnamese Tet.

Get a cheap ticket

Move the vehicle safely and efficiently by moving bookings for weeks before setting off to ensure you do not get stuck because tickets, train tickets soar along with his selection for the the best means of transportation.

Constantly updated news tickets, train tickets avoid much higher than expected. Besides, you should also buy the ticket, round-trip plane schedules to ensure that your move is not affected by having to worry about waiting to buy tickets.

Book a room

Hotel booking in a smart way and best way to list the handbook for rent in the best way and avoid being cheated case of free online reservations.

Ensure that the movement and the services of the hotel are the best in the poll from the user. You can refer to a number of manual booking, hotel occupancy best and safest here.

Carry enought personal items

Make sure your trip will bring comfort and totally relax with how incredibly smart as: Do not take too many toys and bulky, difficult to move, always ensure there is a dream deep sleep and delicious before traveling, giving the mind a feeling of relaxation and comfort during the trip.

Many ranng demonstrate that you used your thoughts relate to how beneficial, to create comfort and relaxation will contribute greatly to making you a happier mood.

Nhiệt tình và vui vẻ

Always cheerful and affable with indigenous people when traveling. Demonstrating a positive attitude and enthusiasm and his sense of humor will make you make a good impression with indigenous people and certainly will get the assistance and enthusiasm from them as: instructions famous sights, bars, good restaurants,….

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