1/ Find a place that is suitable with your financial

10 Tuyệt chiêu du lịch siêu tiết kiệm mà bạn nên biết

To have a perfect travel you should make a list of a city that suitable for you. Avoid travel to a place that is expensive, over your budget.

Some of the places that you may want to visit with a low budget: Romani, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Finland, and German.

2/ Hunt for the cheap air ticket

Be the first one to receive all kind of information about airplane promotion by sign up or register to the airline official website, agencies website…

3/ Smart accommodation booking

Always look for the hotel that is near the center or in the center of the city so you can save money of going back and forth from the hotel to other places. Go to some tourism forum or tripadvisor to look for Traveler feedback at that hotel

Make an early booking for extra saving.

4/ Social Media

10 Tuyệt chiêu du lịch siêu tiết kiệm mà bạn nên biết

Day by day, social media has become a big part in our live. There so many thing that you could find on it. So why don’t you join some travelling group on Facebook, G+, Twitter to have an information from you friend

5/ Delicate in choosing and paying the price when traveling

Limited and specific the list for the things you needed to purchase while traveling, then you must also clever in making the price for your selected items.

6/ Carry enough

Don’t miss or bring too many things at the same time for your traveling, it’ll impede your trip. Minimize the items such as jewelry or clothes, but don’t forget to bring your camera, your cell phone and of course the travel adaptor

7/ Choose a smart travel package

10 Tuyệt chiêu du lịch siêu tiết kiệm mà bạn nên biết

Currently there are plenty of tours are applied throughout the city and country. But experience shows that the selected travel packages on holidays will give you more choices for cheaper trip, this is the time many incentive programs are applied.

Start of your trip on the ill-timed on different places is the most appropriate time for your journey.

8/ Go on your own

If you really like to have an adventure trip why don’t you go on your own instead of book a tour. This will let you have a wonderful time with the suitable amounts of money spending on this trip.

 9/ Don’t be too smart

Do not prove that you are really wise while you actually need the information for yourselves. Always be fun, greet and get acquainted with the others if you want some useful information about those destinations.

10/ Be friendly

Always be friendly with the others around you. Maybe someone may give you an extra tip on your travel. In the other hand, become a friendly person leaving a good memory of you and your country in their mind.

Source : Hotel in Danang beach.

Link : Top 10 travel tips you should know when traveling