“Vietnam is one of 10 places to 2015-experience the unique travels and modern placeto bring you the most amazing trip”

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Việt Nam top 10 nơi nhất định phải đến 2015

Forbes is one of the leading travel magazines in the world. Recently, the magazinerecently announced the Vietnam as one of 10 places right up to the year 2015, thisOutlook was also more travel times reviews as Lonely Plant, the New York Times, etc.

Along with other countries such as Iceland, Morocco, Montana (USA), Tasmania(Australia), Colombia, Japan, Patagonia (chile), Nepal, Srilaka, Vietnam has overcomemuch competition to top 10 destinations must travel by 2015 to the tourist servicesattractive and full of attractive that you can never decline.

The combination of a unique and impressive modern and classic is one of the specialhighlights included Vietnam become the country can make the holiday and thestrength of the elderly.

Fast becoming one of the attractive destinations by implementing the tours byhovercraft, Vespa nicely.

Vietnam is one of the tourist center by the owns many interesting natural landscapealong with it’s unique beauty gives you more experience. The perfect combinationbetween the weird grandeur of nature, the side that works nicely with the chain’shotels, world-class resort getaway for tourists that you can not refuse.

From the fishing village beside the River with a unique spiritual culture of the string ofCaverns, pagodas spread across the country and the culture of the 54 ethnic brothershave brought many highlights for the tourist season in Vietnam became the top wherewhere you have to come.

And significant in tourist destinations are world recognized include: Halong Bay-one of seven wonders of the natural world, Chang’an-worldnatural heritage Capital withoutstanding beauty and unique geological formations, Decent Action-long and most beautiful caves in the world, and. ..

That’s why Vietnam became one of the tourist destinations must arrive in Asia over thepast decade. Now that you can explore your creativity, originality of nature and theriver water right on seaplanes, gliders or strolling around the popular tourist attractionin just two days by the type of tourist services is completely different and more attractive.

Why Vietnam is a city whose economic growth is slower than other countries in the region and in the world, but it is a country worth fans and became the focal point forthe trip, vacation packages.

Not inferior than the country equivalent of romantic vacation locations includedluxury. Vietnam row with the  most luxurious coastal hotels in the world, unique in the world, the world’s most expensive hotels, … are the community and users of travel web sites as: TripAdvirsor; Lonely Plant; Forbes; New York Time, And. ..

Accordingly, Forbes magazine recently recognized Vietnam-Da Nang is one of theemerging cities worth traveling for the year 2015, the next time after that Vietnam alsobecame popular vote from the user is the country worth travelling the world in thisyear 2010.

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