Whenever there is an important event in your life, you always have to consider the type of party, which type is right and trendy. No need to think twice, explore three types of parties in Danang, simply submit your request and refer to the list below, you will be extremely happy when you findout.

Beach BBQ Danang

Barbecue is a favorite food of many people, despite at some point, barbecue grills also dominated with high flavor . Especially a few years ago, barbecue in Vietnam appear again start with the buffet restaurant Korean style barbecue, barbecue parties of young people when traveling.

To prepare a BBQ party or beach BBQ Danang is not easy if you prepare yourself. The uniqueness of this style of barbecue is between charcoal stove, you put the meat on the grill and to gradually prepare the dish you up with just ripeness, cooked, re- picked up enjoying that.

Beach BBQ Danang

Beach BBQ Danang

Surely you can find a barbecue dinner at Danang luxury hotels when here you are the one to choose your favorite foods, spend time chatting with family and friends, self- catering, and enjoy beach BBQ Danang. Seafood feast . Undeniably one thing , when you come to a city especially the coastal city of Da Nang and stay in

Seafood feast.

Undeniably one thing, when you come to a city especially the coastal city of Da Nang and stay in a 5-star hotel but skip seafood feast full of flavor. Seafood in Danang is worth waiting and will score points entirely with you for freshness as newly caught , even most meticulously prepared from the hands of a professional chef.

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The seafood dinner is also like beach BBQ party, you can find a wide variety of fresh seafood laid out and your job is to choose your favorite seafood and cook yourself or assigned to employees. You can cook yourself a hot pot or eat live jellyfish , however with baking dishes or snails fried clams , you just wait a moment had a delicious plate from the hands of your choice.

Recently, a lot of seafood banquet 5-star hotel in Da Nang put in to create a fresh menu . Not only that , the wedding party and blowing newspapers can also use seafood banquet to entertain them , this would be a great choice.


I commend the cocktail party, appeared in Vietnam in the chic bar or birthday party was held at the high-end hotels. You will have to painstakingly prepare for a successful party must prepare glasses, wine, liqueurs, while food also has to get together to how many guests.

Below view of people clinking glasses with each other

Below view of people clinking glasses with each other

Cocktail is the kind of party with snacks and a variety of beverages such as wine, beer, fruit juices, fruit juice bartender. You will see a long table with lots of cocktail on a table , you can manually retrieve or change glasses when serving passed during the serve.

You should consider when organizing a cocktail party because not everyone can drink these beverages, so if it’s a birthday party you need to prepare some others. Moreover, a cocktail party held late at night can come with beach BBQ for good taste.

There are three types of beach BBQ Danang parties very worth to try this summer!