There are things you can never expected to be allowed in your luggage when you board a flight. What can those be ?

Preparing for a trip can bring up lots of packing concerns. What’s the weather like where you are going? What if you forget something? How many pairs of shoes is it acceptable to pack for a three day trip? But, above all, if you plan to fly, you may be stressing over what you can take in your carry-on baggage and what items would require you to check a bag. Look no further!

Whether you are traveling with a newborn and are concerned about bringing enough formula for your flight or you’re en route to a fishing trip fully prepared with your own rod and tackle, there is no need to fret. You can actually carry on more items than you may think. So grab your quart-size zip-top bag and this handy infographic and you’ll be relaxing at 37,000 feet in no time!

Things You Might Not Know You Can Take On An Airplane