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Is one of the few cities that owns many beautiful beach, Danang is proud to be the cityof sea travel is the highest rating in the country because of the leverage theadvantages of marine economy by marine ecosystems diverse, rich but also acceleratetourism brings you the rest and top travel specials as in the days of summer.

Du lịch biển 2015 tại Đà Nẵng

The advantage of the sea is one of the factors that make up love landscape for the coastal city of Da Nang. This is also one of the places of convergence are many hotels,upscale Resort Danang is designed nicely and makes the system top vacation spots inVietnam. Many hotels have reached the top is unique, luxurious hotel in the world bymany websites and international times appreciated.

Their successes have been in years past, such as:

-Da Nang sexiest beaches largest planet-by the Forbes magazine voted

-The solar rotation top 10 world’s largest spinning ring

-Da Nang, emerging point should travel for the year 2010-prestigious travel websiteTrip Advisor voted, New York Times economic times

-Da Nang has the most luxurious resorts in the world

-Da Nang has the fastest growth rate in the country-the Lonely Plant

-Da Nang City with low-carbon world, and. ..

Du lịch biển 2015 tại Đà Nẵng

Not only is one of the criteria to promote the rapid development of the tourism of Da Nang, where tourism activities is also one of the testimonials, branding Free to with friends overseas visitors. Affirming once again the sovereignty of the island, to respectthe peace has always been sending through these messages, meaning that the city’s UBND building.

2015 sea tourist season, in order to maintain the value of sea travel, Da Nangcontinued to implement activities to bring useful and convenient playground for people.

Du lịch biển 2015 tại Đà Nẵng

Implementation of parallel operation with the tourist season the year Danangjubilantly in a new series of events such as the International Fireworks event, the Festival of light, the Han River, the night market opens celebrates the liberation of the city, and. ..

Sea travel program this year will get the theme is: “safe destinations from Danang Sea-civilization-catchy” starts from 25/4-2/5/2015 at the tourist beaches of son tra peninsula and the South China Sea, the Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc Ward, Camellia, Da Nang.

This program aims at opening, introduction activities, utilities, new tourist service in2015 sea tourist season, while calling on community efforts to protect the reserve andtourist promotion of the tourist beaches of Da Nang.

In addition, sea travel program this year also is the place to meet, Exchange, barter,product introduction, brand lift of enterprises with domestic and international tourists.

Accordingly, the activities will take place in 2015 sea tourist season this year willinclude

Du lịch biển 2015 tại Đà Nẵng

Opening ceremony of sea tourism season in 2015, co-stars flashmob Bikini, drink, food and Gardens, the pavilion showcases tourism products, consumer goods, etc., the photographic exhibition of achievements in Da Nang and preserve folk game,Hawthorn (Moreover, the hut article’s coral, etc.), hiphop events Honoring gigs, andgraffity art galleryThe Workshop, Hiphop, music programs “holiday beach danangshow”, etc.

Currently, the program and attachment contents the activities taking place in seatravel season this year was announced on the Danang tourist site.

The call for support from enterprises are beginning to be published, expected funding levels for marine tourism season this year will be 300 million.

With the current efforts UNDER the peninsula and The Danang tourist beaches are fastgoing into the implementation and deployment activities for this year’s tourist season.Promises will be many more surprises for visitors in this tourist season.

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