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“Welcome the return of International Fireworks event 2015, Danang enjoying activities with the presence of many UK Member promises more surprises,..

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Sự kiện pháo hoa quốc tế 2015

With my very own colours in the event the annual International Fireworks held inDanang, this year the return of the 2015 International Fireworks event themed “Da NangSymphony of colors series of events and a new emphasis has been and is beingbuilt to bring to Da Nang tourism became one of the featured new accents arehonored is one of those places should travel for the year 2015 of the world.

So with the 2015 International Fireworks event, things you need to know is what? thelist of interesting highlights that you should know at the 2015 International Fireworksevent in Da Nang.

The presence and participation of the five member countries coming from 5 countriesrepresenting five continents around the world, the International Fireworks events 2015welcome event the UK Member include: Fireworks for Africa (South Africa, the Africanrepresentative); Pyrotecnico (United States of America, the representative of the Americas); Howard & G Fireworks (Australia, Australian representative), Surex FirmaRodzinna (Poland, European representatives) and hosts Da Nang (Vietnam, the Asianrepresentatives).

In particular, in 2015 the appearance of light Festival is held close to the InternationalFireworks event then this is the opportunity for the visitors made a long break with 2days off the holiday occasion 30/41/5. Condition for you to spend time exploring thebeauty of Danang tourism revolves around many events.

Sự kiện pháo hoa quốc tế 2015

Accordingly, the International Fireworks events this year will be expanding on thepopular broadcast channels like Star Word, Natinonal Geographic, etc. and thetelevision channels in the country. This is the occasion to Danang international friendsto promote the image and the man Vietnam and also once again reaffirms the International Fireworks event is one of the events that influence and oriental culturaloriginality.

This year’s fireworks will be shot in the time frame fixed agitated from 20 h 15 20 h 30 takes place in 2 consecutive days is 2829/4/2015. With the theme BuildingASymphony of colors, the year the team must show the difference in the Fireworksthemselves based on the idea, outlined in dark culture of each region, taking place in sync and combined with the background music.

This is also one of the evaluation criteria and to select the team win for the International Fireworks event in 2015.

The International Fireworks events have been held annually and lasts for 7 years but apparently its appeal still upheld as the early days were held. Expression shows thatthe reception from the viewers, local visitors, domestic and foreign guests. Tickets tosee the Fireworks also quickly ran out right from the early days of ticket sales.Currently, a number of ticket sales points in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City also sendsrecommended would be given more tickets because the amount of tickets sold out.

Accordingly, the ticket price to see Fireworks at the International Fireworks events this year will be sold the equivalent of for the Auditorium B3, B4, C1 corresponding to theprice of 500,000 VND/1 person/1 night; 400,000 VND/1 person/1 night and 300,000Dong/1 person/1 night.

The International Fireworks event in 2015, the capacity for the audience alsobroadened 17,650 seats (seats A, B) and 14,350 seat (C-stand).

With careful investment plus many activities take place to cater to the needs, enjoywatching the Fireworks this year by tourists, the parallel events, fireworks will havemusic programs, fashion shows, culinary Affairs highlight create strange new feelingfor visitors. It is also one of the ways to do another event for Fireworks, do not causethe boredom for each season and fireworks event is held.

Investment of funds for this year’s fireworks event also has up to the number 26 billion with the investment, financed from the investors, business worth mentioning as: SunCorporation is the sponsor of diamonds with the total amount of funding is 3billionThe Investment Corporation, Danang-Central (2 billion), the joint venture Duc Manh 579 (2 billion) and Net Viet joint stock company multimedia communications(2.5 billion) is a silver sponsor for the program this year.

The positive contribution from the investor is also one of the featured worthy notecreate huge impact and creates firm foundations for activities, the InternationalFireworks event held yearly takes place.
If the 2015 International Fireworks event are welcome to wait for Da Nang during the holiday season this year’s event, the issue of the safety, quality and are guaranteedfocused city.


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