Choosing a desired hotel room that is in favour of your budget is not too difficult. These 4 life-saving tips could help you a lot whether when travelling or in business trip.

1. Clarify your demand and financial issue

Firstly, you need to define the property criteria  that you want to book such as hotel, resort, star rating or location in the city or on the beach, … and so will help you not trap lots of  information on networking sites. For example, you are directing to Danang hotel near the sea, 4 star hotels, hotel Danang on Vo Nguyen Giap Street, 5 star hotels Danang, resort Danang… From these simple keywords and such a clear information, you will receive references from a number of prestigious online booking sites. From there, you can shorten the list top hotels with room rates that may be suitable for your budget and needs.


Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort


Diamond Sea Hotel


A la carte hotel

2. Find information about the hotel

After referring and shortening your favorite hotels, you still worry about information that is true to reality, the image real or illustrative purposes. So do not hesitate and make a phone call directly to the hotel reservation to be clear your questions or send a request via email. Do refer information and promotions on the Hotel website or Facebook,…in order to get the information you are still uncertain. Make sure that you have all information about the place you are going and it must the best choice for your family so that you can enjoy a great holiday.

Besides, receptionist also give you useful information about tour routes, the newly attractive tourist destinations, dining addresses with reasonable prices that no less than famous restaurants … And obviously, you will have an forgettable trip with exciting experience more than what you have been consulted from travelling websites.


3. Early- bird booking

Early- bird booking is a big advantage for you to have a good price for room and room view which you wish. Therefore, advanced 2-month booking will help you have the best rates because if you reserve too late or too close to the check-in date, you will pay for the cost doubled or tripled. Direct bookings via hotel websites or call to the hotel will help you have more benefits.



4. Be careful before making reservation

Nowadays, there are many online booking sites both domestic and broad sites with prices very shocked, attractive but mostly after the booking, the price is much higher because the price you’ve seen there before not including other taxes or invoices, when you want to get the bill, online bookings become more inconvenient. So, you should to choose official hotel websites or booking reservations directly with the hotel staff will give you the convenience and the best support.