To have a perfect wedding party, there are a lot of things you need to prepare. One of the most important things is the wedding party. If you have more than one party, then entertain your menu to be different and you have to know one thing that the 2016 wedding menu has changed a lot. Let’s check out menu 2016 wedding.

Ask the Chef for consulting

You have to know that, if you choose to organize wedding or conference center resort, you are concerned about the capacity of the room, because this is where your guests experiencing the same period for wedding congratulations you. Moreover, a banquet needs open space and clean. Your first task is the selection of wedding locations and asked to meet the chef to prepare a menu list for your wedding party.


An experienced chef will be revealed when talking to you through the questions and suggestions. Often chefs will give you sample menu 2-3 range in which they would be the guide you need to have an appetizer, main course, … You have the right to choose, change and request other dishes if you like.

Ask for advice and have a dishes’ test time

Among the people you know, ask the opinion of people who you think have good taste or is fancier, this person should be the ones best able to grasp the situation, as well as meal time timeline of the wedding party. They will make a judgment to deliberate and choose dishes that wedding resort or conference center which better cook other dishes.

Table Set for Seder Israel

Table Set

After a preliminary to the menu, ask the chef choose for your calendar to try dishes, it is best to have a range of 7-10 riders along the test time, should be a family member. Taste of each age group will vary, based on the assessment that let the guest number, age and feel watching dishes that need to change anything.


Do not be too hard on the dish, if you’re in the wedding party lunch or dinner, please consider appetizers with moderate acidity. If during the test dish you are not satisfied, or you want your salad with a bit more carrot and less fiber cucumber, tell that to the chef, they will consider to give you advice or will follow your request if no obstacles.

Process up menu is not difficult, but usually, you need more than two people to complete, and you have a lot to worry about in the party. This is when you should seek the help of family and professionals in this field. Have a good wedding time and perfect menu.

Source: Holidaybeach Danang – Danang Beach Hotel.