The green coconut trees, beautiful beaches create a great scene in which you can watch here. Immerse yourself in the sea with the singing of the melodious music every night and you will have the most wonderful experience.

  1. A Place to have fun relaxation

Da Nang Beach hotel – the ideal place for you and your lover to enjoy a wonderful vacation. The services here are very diverse and varies from the entertainment to the luxury spa services.

  1. Exciting experiences

Staying in Da Nang beach hotel, you can catch the beautiful sunrise on the beach, lying on the sandy beaches or try out the games at sea. Alternatively, you can experience the snorkeling tour or Danang journey with affordable price.


You will have a wonderful time with your family

Khám phá lòng đại dương với những tour du lịch hấp dẫn.

The snorkeling tour in Ly Son island

  1. The prices are reasonable

You are wondering about the budget that you have to spend for the hotels or the Danang 5 star hotel. You do not have to think too much because the rooms here are very affordable and there are many attractive incentive programs bundled with services such as spa 60 minutes per day at Holiday Beach.

  1. Convenient to move

Danang Charming Packages 2016 EN

In Da Nang, the beach hotel is concentrated in Vo Nguyen Giap street nearly downtown just 10 minutes  and is also very convenient for exploring the monuments world cultural heritage voted by UNESCO such as Hoi An , Hue, My Son, …

  1. Attractive Cuisine

Hải sản là món ăn khoái khẩu của du khách khi đến với Đà Nẵng.

Seafood is the favorite dish of tourists

Coming to  Danang, it is sure you will not be able to ignore the compelling specialties such as Quang  noodle, rice paper with pork , … and the delicious seafood dishes.


Breakfast Buffet at Holiday Beach Danang