Weddings on the beach are more than just a trend. This type of themed wedding in a different environment has an entire industry behind. This means there is a lot of people prepared to advise you with the best service and everything you need to make the most important day of your life a perfect one. Yes, it may still sound untypical specially for those who are more traditional and prefer to have their wedding ceremony in the classic churches. But hosting your wedding in a different environment, such as the beach, can give it a special touch that will be enjoyed by both your partner and you, as well as all party guests. Having a “normal” wedding is an unforgettable day, imagine if you celebrate it on the beach!

If you still are in the planning stage of your wedding and you haven’t decided on the place just yet, this article will show you the reason why Holiday Beach Danang is the best place to celebrate your wedding on the beach in Danang

You can make it a destination wedding.
Maybe you’re lucky enough to live by a gorgeous waterside setting, but if not, your beach wedding will likely be a destination wedding. And that can be a great thing! You and your fiancé can get married surrounded by swaying palm trees and your guests get to watch you wed while on a vacation.

It can double as your honeymoon destination.
If you pick a perfect beach destination for your wedding, why leave once you’ve said your I Do’s? Book our honeymoon suite and once your guests have left, you and your new spouse can relax and recharge without having to repack your suitcases.

The wedding package may be all-inclusive.
If you book your beach wedding through a resort, there’s a good chance an all-inclusive wedding package will be available. In-house food, flowers, music, makeup and more can make for less stress—and more beach time—when you arrive to tie the knot.

It’s a great location for an intimate wedding.
A destination wedding usually translates to a smaller wedding since most of your guests have to take vacation days and book travel. For the couple that wants a smaller wedding (but perhaps doesn’t want hurt feelings by leaving some people off the invite list), a beach wedding can be ideal. And when guests travel to a destination wedding, it says a lot about how much they care for the couple. It’s a great opportunity to really roll out the red carpet (think: budgeting for generous welcome bags and fancy favors) for your dearest friends and family!

A beach wedding is perfect for an easygoing couple.
Who can get stressed when the waves are lapping at your feet? Brides can get away with bare feet. Grooms can go without bowties. And your guests can kick off their flip flops and wiggle their toes in the sand. Plus, the picturesque ceremony can be topped off by an outdoor reception with Holiday Beach Danang

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