Not only is one of the famous cities of rapid growth and many typical architecture,modern. Danang also owns one of many extreme beautiful scenery in the world isnatural, it is also one of the conditions to the Da Nang tourism flourished and became a city worth traveling for

Địa điểm du lịch miễn phí khi đến Đà Nẵng

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Following the Holiday Beach Hotel is Da Nang & Spa to discover these places free tourwhich you can visit during your holiday.

Ngu Hanh Son tourist

Marble Mountain is known as the spiritual tourist popularity in Da Nang with manybeautiful natural landscapes and diverse culture, originality is maintained over theperiod.

According to the research said the marble name not only for the United States of America than that people set out it was based on the land, the mountains and havecombined elements of the marble Yin Yang theory. A French researcher this piece of land known as “marble mountains.

The convergence of these extreme natural landscape beauty and romance by the combination of the mountain with the sea God, the unique Buddha repository underyour hand carved art-art virtuosity. The media village where you spoiled the beauties of nature. Next to that is the meet of Cham culture combined with modern classic that created the tourism environment full of sympathy for the country.

Sea bathing

Relax in the attractive tourist free extreme nature when Da Nang travel to you

Known as the coastal city of Danang tourism, getting yourself the beautiful sea along with it’s range of destinations for travel services. It is also the site of a series of eventsthe vibrant sea travel where you spoiled relaxing moments beside the system of luxury hotels spread along the beach but also participated in several special sea travel programs such as parachuting, sailing, diving coral.

The clean beaches with white sands stretching back to be caring and considerateprotection. Beaches in Danang as well so that the top 1 in the 6 sexiest Beach planetby Forbes magazine voted.

Go phượt at the beach in Da Nang

With a range of popular tourist attractions, many beaches in Danang is one of thosewedding shooting locations and extreme tourism is the substance that you can visit.Free travel, bathing in the sea. With beaches such as Streams and rivers, FlowersLeung, a fabulous Beach, Rocks, … you just need to plan for a real phượt in the preparation of food, the most recent rent resting hut is already spoilt was bathing,enjoy many activities, various travel services filled with special and unique.

Take only 50,000 VND/range rental hut on the normal day from Monday to Friday and at 200,000300,000 Dong/scaffold Tower on the weekends, you have spoiled the fun,space free of Poles like in this place.

See the unique bridges

Enjoy relaxing moments when walking on the beautiful road for Danang-Viet andadmire the idyllic beauty of the city when the night next to the bridge that carries a unique hometown brand.

Visiting Danang on the weekend to see the Dragon’s flame, fountain bridge, one of the popular tourist items in Da Nang was praised by the international press and is one of the 30 most beautiful architecture of the bridge world. Now, spray water, spraying fire from ỗi m 9: 00 p.m. Saturday evening and Sunday, so you will enjoy the beautiful drawing an originality of this bridge.

Or visit the bridge turns the Han River at 12:00 am to enjoy the transformation of this bridge. Enjoy the beauty of the city without spending a penny

Asian parks

If like to taking many games where you have to spend yourself a proper chargeHowever, visiting the Park Asia again absolutely free. Modern beauty with uniquearchitecture is one of the shooting locations as long as hell for you.

Decorate the same distinction construction dáo is one of the famous project was the largest investment in the city of Da Nang. Asia Park is considered a romantic datingsite and a tourist delight to visitors upon arrival to Danang.

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