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Energy-Momentum 2015, jubilantly welcomed the tourism and cultural events high light the most anticipated. In order to bring domestic visitors as well as promoteto friends abroad about culture and variety of the art form, travel. Da Nang Cityquickly began to develop new tourist activities with great promise.

Lễ hội ánh sáng tại Đà Nẵng 2015

“Da Nang Light Festival 2015”

Once again affirms the Danang is one of the leading cities was voted the city worthtravelling the world in 2015. In addition to the International Fireworks events take place annually 2 yearly, this year the Festival of light was the most anticipated event.

Accordingly, the festival showcased light art (Danang Light Festival) will be held for the first time at Danang on 24-26 April 2015. The duration between 18 h-22 h each day.

Lễ hội ánh sáng tại Đà Nẵng 2015

“Da Nang Light Festival 2015”

Global 2000 is the main organization for Fireworks event this time. The selected location is Viet Han River a poetic view angle of the city.

The festival showcased light this time and attracted the attention of more visitors in the country and international friends by the parallel event was held in conjunction withthe International Fireworks event in 2015. At the Festival, this time to serve the needsof travelers enjoy the Danang investment even more tourist sites will be opened in thisApril.

The projects being implemented and planned construction in night markets such asSouth Korea, fashion, etc. are all highlights of the festive season this year.

In addition, all hotels, tourist sites, the system stores on the banks of the Han River is the space, the background to make the unique light performances this year.

A unique combination of light space with music are sure to attract the attention of the Viewer.

In response to the amount you’ll spike in April about this system of hotels in Danang are also scheduled in the operational tempo and full service for you. Avoid shortages of resting place for visitors as an International Fireworks event 2013 recently.

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