’s flame, fountain Bridge under music

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According vnexpress said, the Exchange with Mr. Phan Dinh Phuong, this inventor was led in Da Nang agree erupts, spraying water as the background music for the world’s longest steel Dragon.

Accordingly, at the hearing, the city of Da Nang UBND leader saysSneha said: the Dragon Bridge was built to serve the purpose of traffic, movingpeople. However, there is no bridge would like this bridge for getting the attention oftourists. So, he now Sneha is the Vice President of Da Nang UBND agreed with the idea of the Dragon flame fountain in the background music of thepatent assigned to The Family.

Cầu Rồng phun nước, phun lửa theo âm nhạc

Mr. Phan Dinh Phuong also adds, his cherished idea to spray the bridge fire sprinklerwas he scheduled many months.

Dragon bridge is a bridge in the sprinkler, spraying the fire with remarkable featuresare held nightly fire injection, water injection. But the repeated implementation of features boring flame spraying was not performed was beautiful this bridge as well asmessages of meaning besides “watch for fun”.

Mr Fang said and said: “I’m designed to bridge the Dragon with a wide variety oferuption, the water on the background music. The first is the water-filled like a Crownon the head of the Dragon, and then sprayed in the rim of the Dragon, spray stand, spray is strong, weak keep speeding of background music. The Dragon curve, water-filled into the fog, dark spot, where lighter as the image of the Dragon fly in theclouds. While the eruption in the Dragon-by speeding will maintain one musicalclimax, rather than blasting music from start to finish. ” He also added that the whole idea of this will be done by computers

With the planned initially, there will be two non-plastic tube 100 mm transparentDragon body pulling on the valve nozzle into the perforated pipe haze. Before theeruption will have speakers announce to everyone. He is also cherished the dragonhead making rotating y-mouth, big and small like singing, the eyes blink blink was tothe Dragon more friendly.

At present, the funding for this project has not yet been calculated. With that, he alsohas plenty of ideas for his design of the iconic Dragon bridge promises to be brought to the viewer but a performance full of originality and creativity

Source: Vnexpress

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