Continue with the menu item you should enjoy while on a cruise to feel no different than being in DaNang luxury hotels at all. So what foods make you feel the difference while enjoying a boat, with no loss of quality of food 5 stars?

Sautéed lamb chops.

Why sautéed lamb dish is worthy of 5 star quality on the yacht you?

If you have a BBQ Danang the more you will be surprised more by the taste of lamb, this is the sautéed lamb chops. Actually a very simple recipe, but processing sautéed lamb chops very feat. Moreover, you do not know what sauce and served on a plate furnished are part intentions, only to be shown on the main drive is to increase the taste of the dish.


The most important of preliminary processing before sautéed lamb chops are marinated. There are two ways that the chefs cooking options, often the chef on yachts chose continental processing. Means to both pieces of loin chops marinated in the dark location with herbs, olive oil depending on their dishes for a disc then sauté. When the pan is finished, the chef will tell lamb chops in the oven for a certain crispness, while in the oven depending on the skill of each chef, but they never want your lamb chops were fish stocks. After taking out a new disc presentation sliced, food quality will be guaranteed at medium rare – cooked just the pale.


Lamb chops will extremely bold taste and smooth while enjoying the wine. If you are afraid to choose, ask your service of choice for a bottle of fermented wine to enjoy.

Grilled salmon with orange sauce

In Vietnam wedding party you always notice missing fish dishes, fish dishes are not difficult to carry out processing, but if processed to be very subtle. The talented chef and experience will also have exclaimed when to prepare a grand wedding. So the need of elaborate dishes prepared rarely chosen. So if you have been enjoying their own space on the boat, be sure to order grilled salmon orange sauce


In fact, the salmon have a lot of different ways of processing, not necessarily you have to call orange barbecue sauce. However space onboard wind, you will see pieces of salmon in his mouth fast and deep tan with orange-flavored wine sauce. This is also a feature, you can see the orange disc can not. A few chefs that use orange peel to marinate roast (taking part chopped peel for baking the same), but some argue that such will provide a bitter taste to the fish. Depending on where the taste of the chef that processing to bring different dishes.


Will not fishy fish, but subtle in their eyes if you are prepared with candles and many other beautiful things.

Often the chef always choose a protein main dishes on the menu, you can skip the delicious desserts but indispensable accompanying drinks. So let’s consider it this wonderful option.