It is the very first time this great combination of light and music under the name of Festival of Light has traveled to Vietnam and chose the beautiful beach city Danang as a destination.


Light is everywhere, appearing in variable shapes: light area, video mapping, light arts performance, LED decoration, light-music shows, street light performance, electronic music, which promises to lighten the whole city with the most wonderful colors and marvelous sounds.

Moreover, Danang Festival of Light (DFL) 2015 potentially elevates the beauty of light to the top with enormous balls, large light bulbs in the shape of young Vietnamese girls, firework-shaped LED, LED gateway, LED footpath, etc tooled with light effects during the festival time.



Audiences hardly can get bored with DFL 2015 thanks to the various views in the 3 separated areas.

Area 1: from Dragon Bridge to Green Plaza Hotel 

Wonderful shows and exhibitions named as Video mapping, light performance in Green Plaza building, electronic music box, performed DFL 2015 Logo, performed I-love-Danang Logo and light ball with Sun wheel will turn this place into the heaven full of magical light and music.

DLF2015 Dragon Bridge - Holidaybeach Hotel

Are 2: from Green Plaza Hotel to Bach Dang circle

A place of magnificent art can be seen here thanks to special models and shapes like LED gateway, light bulbs in the shape of Vietnamese girl, firework-shaped LED.

DLF 2015 Light Ball - Holidaybeach Hotel

Area 3: from Bach Dang circle to Han Market

Light will be showed in the form of enormous LED, colorful models that can hallucinate every eye and move any toughest heart.



Have you ever been jealous with the movie scenes when the main characters walking with imaginary images in the smooth and gentle songs? DFL 2015 makes your dream come true thanks to the support of approximately 100 modern, programmed projectors that will scatter derivative light forms throughout Bach Dang street.

DLF2015 Bach dang street- Holidaybeach Hotel

Let the light guide you and free your heart to enjoy the unexpected things happening around you during DFL fairy time!



Lyrical Han river creates a great place for the illusory reflections of the magical light forms along the river shore, duplicating the unreal beauty  of DFL 2015.

DLF 2015 Han River - Holidaybeach Hotel

Once tourists experience all DFL street shows, there are still many interesting sports, music, art activities, including dinner gala, Han river firework performance, cosplay performance which give you the best moments during the 2 days living in Danang.


There goes a saying “the first is always the best”. It is worthy for you to try Danang Festival of Light 2015, the first and the glorious in Vietnam.