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Đà Nẵng thành phố đáng đi du lịch nhất năm 2015

Located in the list of most tourist attractions worth a 2015 New York Times as voted Da Nang is one of the city is appreciated and is the place where you should visit the tourist season in 2015.

Not only possess beauty of harmony between nature and scenery that this place is one of the fastest growing cities in the travel services.

Modern beauty of these massive structures and unique as Dragon Bridge with feature fire, water spray EEA award winning first prize in the design, the solar cycle a product of the park Asia rotation is currently topping the world’s largest cycle.

Or enjoy and immersed in the blue sea, admire the coastline stretching to the atmosphere and excitement of the activities in Danang beach one of the beach has been voted the most beautiful and charming world.

Besides, a series of village culture imbued with national identity and many exciting destinations to bring tourists back to the source pebble peoples such as History Museum, the Shanghai Electric … stop putting emotions you get lost in the world glorious history over the years of building and defending the country.

Besides, the quality and service are leading reputable and trusted travelers prefer systems hotels, Resoft Danang is interesting rest stop where visitors spoiled the party enjoying bearing lavish culinary culture Eurasia in the system of modern architecture and stunning. Repeatedly received many major awards in the hotel industry and services Resoft, Da Nang hotel always gives visitors the best experience.

Along with the food chain to bring a bit rich enjoy charming Vietnam such as Quang noodles, noodle sauce, pork roll book … was named the age of Da Nang to each person and for tourists health.

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