Nang in the eyes of international friends

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The Richest recently has just recognized in Da Nang ranks 6 out of the top 10 most improved cities in 2015.

Đà Nẵng trong mắt bạn bè quốc tế

Danang in the eyes of international friends

Accordingly, the works, the system was upgraded and refreshed along the chain ofcoastal Hotel magnificent from Danang, the flight line extending from the hip Kong-Vietnam,. … have contributed in large part to Danang rapid progress especially in some years.

Da Nang was one of the foreign press have been appreciated by the rapid pace of development. The prestigious travel page Lonely Plant (USA) also referred to Danangis one of the cities with the fastest growth rate in the country, superior and superior tothe other provinces.

Đà Nẵng trong mắt bạn bè quốc tế

Danang in the eyes of international friends

The last days of 2014, Da Nang is also honored to be the famous economic times of the United States of America-the New York Time’s top finalist 52 emerging destinationworth travelling the world by 2015.

Danang is renowned not only owns one of the beautiful beaches, charming for the planet by Forbes magazine voted that this city also owns many of the buildings stand out, be friends international visitors appreciated as: bridge of the Dragon-received themost prestigious award of the EEA in the world, Solar rotation (categories in Asia – Isthe park with the largest investment ever) – Top 10 world’s largest spinning ring, BA NA Hill-getting the most and created by Guinness 4 about cables, etc.

In addition, Da Nang City was diverse, cultural centre with a unique system of themystical cave monasteries and brings viewers innovative mystery discoveries of civilized peoples.

The village Festival is held annually over the years along the string a series of travelevents are organized with a large scale such as: International Fireworks events, eventsof sea travel in the summer, boat racing Kyatt, … has created a strong impression with friends domestic and international visitors

Besides, the further development of events, activities and facilities for tourism demandfor enjoying your holiday. Danang is planning to build and continue to invest insystems such as: the night market, the Han River (on the East Bank of the Han River),yacht marina, perfect the French village in BA NA Hill (phase 1), etc.

Not the largest ones on the choice of destinations that Danang has repeatedlyrecognized as the cleanest city, reached the top list of cities with the lowest carbon cacgas world, the city with the top criteria was chosen as the city most worth living in the country.

With the beginning of the year Danang PEOPLE’S COMMITTEE was to improve thesystems upgrade attractions such as: the Park 29/3, and expanded city of Le Duan, turning the road Lê Duẩn and Huynh Thuc Khang Street into the neighborhood andthe fashion quarter in Da Nang most live in the country.

With the objectives set out in the beginning, Da Nang City are continuing to plan and complete the project, many upgrades the system, brings many potential newdevelopments in future.

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