No traditional flowers, neither as brilliant and magnificent as Saigon; nor as ancient poetic as Ha Thanh 36 streets. Danang brings a beauty that makes many people miss it and want to come back again 

Place to stop

Stop to stay at a beach hotel DaNang in the days here. You can enjoy the sea air blowing endlessly. Coolness from the sea, the salty taste and aroma characteristics typical of the sea.

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Holiday Beach is a great choice for your trip.

Da Nang beach is beautiful. Not too steep sand beaches, or more swirling waters. Danang brings a serene beauty from the color of blue water, small waves hit the shore freak, gentle golden sand, with coconut trees rustling in the wind. You will be free to enjoy the most peaceful moments  here.

You can choose for yourself the hotel or 5-star resort in Danang without too worry about the price.  The price is not as expensive as you may think.

Peaceful scene

Danang is not too wide, so you can reach the city center in a 20-minute ride at most. You can not fail to visit the Han River. In the early morning, gentle Han River as a maid. When the night falls is the time awaking Han River along the dim street lights making an unique peaceful space.


Coming to Han River you will admire the famous bridges in the city. Walking along the street and enjoy o a refreshing glass of coconut water while quietly watching the love bridge

Friendly people


Danang people are simple, lenient as scenery. They are very  friendly nd willing to support you when you need. Drinking coffee along the street, you can hear many fun stories about country and you will be recommended many delicious nd cheap dishes

Humans in DaNang  are lovely and so friendly. They live with each other by their warm heart. A peaceful place that will make you miss.