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Is one of the largest coastal city long and beautiful coastline and waters of the sea, and so the beaches of Da Nang was recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the most charming beaches of 6 planets.

With many attractive beaches such as: my Khe Beach, Pham Van Dong, North BeachAmerican security, beach Camellia, and. ..

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

Besides, since the sea is not deep so the bathing well bringing travelers peace of mindand safety.

Not only does this clean and beautiful beaches and is one of the only organizedtourist events featured sea as: sailing events, events, parachuting, surfing, dancing,Flastmob promote the culture of sea bathing, etc.

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

Besides, since getting the gorgeous coastline along with the construction of the system of a resort Danang , hotel near the sea along the beaches of Danang has created for a whole new look on photos of sea travel, and several leading vacation activitiesare appreciated the world over.

The next place you can visit the Linh Ung Bald Cypress Beach one of the spiritualtourist was chosen to perform the consecration ceremony, globe walkthrough in thefirst occasion.

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

Central Da Nang City, 10 km to the North-East, at an altitude of 693m above the sea,son TRA peninsula is one such privilege that nature generously bestowed Danang.Prime status on their pillows located my beautiful son TRA peninsula in front of thesea. From here, you can admire the city’s entire eye shrunk from a height of 693m as amagical gift.

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

Highlight of the temple must be told to include the 18 Luohan are exquisitely carvedthat you can catch from getting in the gate. In the ubosot is the site for the Church of3 bronze statues, including: The middle of worship Buddha his duty Counsel Like CaModel Ni, on the right of worship Bodhisattva Quan and left Local Church OrgansUnited Kingdom Bodhisattva.

Drawing of the temple were engraved illustrations nicely through the Guanyin Buddhasits proudly on a land. This is considered Vietnam’s highest Buddha statue, as the art work of two sculptors and was Written by gorgeous and The Views Buddha Lam.Swedish Sounds a hand getting warmer on the other hand, I take three kingdomsflasks of cam Lo as the procession for peace, good luck to everyone, rich of bridge ofpeace and good luck to the sea.

Guanyin Buddha sitting on a Lotus Hall 35 m wide in diameter. Is the destinationattracts visitors by a massive structures. If noticed, when the night is her BuddhaGuanyin is also lighting bring the notion of deep spirituality.

In addition to the other tourist attractions such as BA NA Hill-the road to Wonderland,the architectural works in Da Nang and is considered the tourist attraction on themost romantic night. A number of prominent structures such as:

The bridge: bridge of the Dragon with the feature, unique flame getting length 37.5meters wide, 666m with total investment amounting to nearly 1.5 trillion the samesystem the LEDs are mounted along the frame of the bridge has created attractivecolors for this farm.

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

Besides, Dragon bridge also owns one of the superior made the spraying water, sprayed fire twice a week to 21 h every day should have created focal point to attracttourists to visit, admire.

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

In addition to the Dragon bridge, the bridge as Vint, the Han River, Thuan Phuocbridge, and. .. are all the exclusive famous brand brings beautiful colours for Da Nangwhen into the night.

Đà Nẵng-Điểm đến du lịch 2015

In addition, including the solar rotation is one of the world’s largest rotating 10 and isthe only rotation in Vietnam. Located in master planned amusement park Asia. IdleGUI designed with 115m, rotation speed of 15 seconds a lap can carry 64 passengerswith lip 384 cabin, each cabin has a capacity of about 6 people.

The solar rotation is the ideal destination to help you enjoy the beautiful night of romance.

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