You know, those little joy in your travels is where making a ‘trip’ successful or not? If you’ve never tried to take a picture odd, to visit a village … ‘nothing’ or enjoy grilled fish without salt, you’ve missed a lot but the experienced extreme interesting experience for your trip.

Travel alone with low financial

A trip like this needs most is what? Necessities, simply some chocolate, basic clothing only and then go on the night train, on strange roads. If you arrive early misty cities, or to Sapa, the cold season is nothing more wonderful soak in warm water and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate?


The attraction of hot chocolate is irresistible, especially when you’re traveling abroad with friends, or a host of new friends in the program CouchSurfing, you know, there are many new things that you did not know . They can also go phượt who like you, with only a backpack on their shoulders or watch their trip honeymoon Vietnam and simple search yourself a wedding resorts, for example, you would not know the purpose of their trip if you do not talk. And what is true than when sitting around the room in a homestay with strange faces and new stories.


Experience goes right phượt is one unforgettable experience, especially when you travel alone. But consider if you are not a person can fulfill everything, make sure you have a companion to help sadly. That would make two trips You pose all sorts of contradictions, but also forces you to close two more after so many roads traveled together. This is a trip ‘to heal all wounds’ if you want.

Travel to enjoy

How many times have you wondered about a trip to enjoy it? Instead of drinking chocolate party strange friends, a quick cup of tea on the sidewalk, you can wake up on a bed of mellow 5 stars hotel Da Nang, sipping morning coffee and biscuits or fresh milk sunrise hot. Or after a romantic dinner together, you and him enjoying a glass of red wine and chat by candlelight.


Tourism usually enjoys making you think of expensive, but not if you know how to choose for themselves the appropriate destination. Mainly together, scenery throughout Vietnam where it also. If you do not believe, look to try and you will be overwhelmed by the wild beauty you have not explored.

Tourism is enjoying what? As you are resting after a long flight, were fed after swimming and laughing delight, his was incubated in the sand to catch those new emotions or simply enjoy peaceful moments inside the glass of wine I.

Whether you choose to drink there is nothing your trip tied to how new it is important. You know, a cup of hot chocolate also makes you warm during the night or wine glasses also makes you feel happy with the moments of relaxation. Let’s simply enjoy your trip, do not forget to choose the appropriate beverages are offline.