The wedding resorts in Danang is now become a hot trend this summer , with yellow flowers and green grass on a warm sunny sky scenery is wonderful with the sea is the reason that the pair will be charmed by a wedding ‘ fairy ‘. Discover an outdoor wedding with Holiday Beach Danang.

Decorated beach theme wedding


Beach Theme wedding – Holiday Beach Danang

A wonderful venue , Holiday Beach Resort is also known as famous wedding resort in Da Nang. With a team full of creativity and enthusiasm, we always offer our customers the best choice for their wedding, not forgetting accompanied by sincere advice to bring a wedding reception the most beautiful beaches and perfect .
Selecting tone and theme for the wedding party is decided a lot of difference about your wedding. You like blue with white flowers curtain, we will be putting your ideas into reality. Want to become a princess with her prince on an orange background mainstream, that nothing is difficult when you have the Holiday Beach Hotel’ staff.


Decorations and main menu for beach wedding

The selection of the theme for your wedding party will also affect the main dish of the day. An outdoor wedding party full of wind would fit the hot dishes and carefully prepared, not only that there must be consistent with the theme of the party.
As one of the hotels in Da Nang is known for professional service, you will feel it on every flower, every cloth covered in your wedding party.

Outdoor wedding receptions and difficulties

Weather issues are critical to the success of the party, a sudden rain will also offend the guests to attend. You will have to consider a lot of other problems when you want to organize a party at night, the air around how to avoid mosquitoes and insects for attendees.

Outdoor wedding

Places outdoor wedding is not easy, you have the choose not too far from the center but must have enough space to comfortably not bring inconvenience to the guests, the bride and groom prepare equipment for weddings.
Feel you free from the restraints of the banquet hall in the house, air-conditioned escape and indulge in the sea breeze and candles, flowers, and white curtains .