Following the discovery culinary program at the 5-star hotel, if it comes to food, it can not be overlooked is drinks. Part 2 of the article ‘culinary Class 5-star hotel’ will introduce you a beverage is usually accompanied by the delicious food and wine.

Red wine

Wine is worshiped as a princess on the table if you sit at the table with the exquisite delicacies they could not ignore a glass of wine.


Red wine is usually presented to the food a little spicy, often with red meat is associated with increased rounds immediately sense the taste and plenty of water, fresher in the mouth. The wedding resorts often use a white wine because red wine served up dishes less red meat, and from many different dishes. It is no wonder because there are some requirements that you must perform before enjoying a good glass of wine. You must keep red wine bottle in its reference temperature, ie full immersion, and medium stones, rocks do not get too long will taste burnt. Furthermore, red wine should open about 15-30 minutes before drinking alcohol reacts with oxygen to make flying less alcohol. You know, a bottle of wine is brewed longer, put into bottles before opens for you to enjoy. This will cause more intense flavor concentration, a little more harsh, indeed great things if the drink served with steak reasonable?

White wine

White wine is the drink that stuff is a lot of cruise options. Why? The 5 star hotels Danang or yacht often chosen for their main dish is seafood. Seafood and drinks accompanied needed to reduce the smell, reduce the days of seafood. Yes, seafood such as lobster normally comes with cheese and cilantro, knows how to be because it is a super tasty dish.


White wine contains more acid and acidity than red wine a lot, you can still feel the sweetness of the wine, but when you eat seafood, wine will penetrate the fat molecules and balance to dishes the taste is more appropriate. Many cooks also directly to the white wine into the dish when processing fish or oysters, this is a survival technique experienced chef. Not only that, while enjoying high-fat dishes, such as steamed or salad dish served with meat attached, you should drink white wine, a great taste will make you unable to resist.


To have a good meal need not only food and space, if chosen for himself a romantic space, a delicious dish and then choose a bottle of wine with the dish deserves.