Placed next to the luxurious Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort, The Holiday – Spa & Massage is among big projects from Holiday Beach to create yet another wonderful service in My Khe Beach, one of the six most exquisite beaches in the world by Forbes Magazine. Bringing about modern design, our architects have excellently combined the beauty of mother nature with the new Spa & Massage: indoor waterfall along the entrance to Reception Counter, grass pieces attached to the therapy room door, to the harmonious melody of inspirational songs. All of the details help bring about the inner peace, relieve the stress and ease up the spirit.


At The Holiday – Spa & Massage, your relaxation and health restoration are our pleasure. Beside common therapies namely full body massage, manicure, pedicure and skin care, we offer advanced Himalayan Salt Rock Sauna therapies that gain popularity worldwide, including:

  • Medicinal Herbs Sauna

Herbal salt rock room was developed from research on the beneficial properties of Himalayan rock salt together with herbal essences from valuable plants and herbs in medicine. This combination creates an environment of natural antibacteria which is very good for the respiratory system, based on a Himalayan salt cave simulation in practice. With many positive effects on health, herbal salt rock room helps to reduce the impacts of stressful life and keep your mind refreshed and relaxed. During this process, the amount of toxins within the body and under the skin will follow sweat gland to secrete outside, offloading operations of organs such as the heart, liver or kidney. A period of experience in the herbal rock salt room also helps energy expenditure, fat burning in order to lose weight and get slim naturally.

Several outstanding effects:

  • Reduce pain caused by osteoarthritis, arthritis, neuritis.
  • Reduce colic
  • Improve body’s PH
  • Reduce stress, burn fat, lose weight
  • Treat allergic dermatitis, fungal diseases, heat rash
  • Antiseptic, inflammation released, detoxify
  • Treat cold, asthma


  • Fresh Herbs Sauna (Lemon & Lemongrass)

In traditional medicine, the harmonious combination of natural elements is always respected since the balance of nutrients and natural energy sources brings a healthy body and a complete peace of mind. The combination of Himalayan salt incubation room and herb are considered as a refinement of natural values, known as an essential method of health care and youth sustaining in daily life.

Several outstanding effects:

  • Provide the skin with the nutrients that it needs.
  • Remove excessive fat and help your body become slim and firm
  • Reduce backache an rheumatism
  • Possible effects on people suffering from abdominal fat and stomachache.


  • Volcanic Rock Sauna

The abrupt condensation, caused by an encounter between a flow of lava eruption and cold air, formed the texture of volcanic rocks. With heat-trapping feature, these rocks are very popular in therapeutic massage. When there are small vibrations arising from differences and changes in temperature, warm massage rocks will affect nerves and acupuncture point of human body in the form of heat and waves, creating optimal efficiency than other conventional methods. Rocks with variety of sizes play different roles in transmission of heat into the body. They complement each other, enhance deep and strong stimulation into important pressure points. This helps to excrete poison, promote blood circulation, drive back fatigue and stress to let the body be with total relaxation. Application of volcanic rocks as the foundation combines with a modern steam machine, volcanic rock room is the most relaxing and modern space of treatment nowadays.

Several outstanding effects:

  • relieve body from any aches and pains
  • excrete poison, against senescence and keep fit
  • enhance brain activity, ensure deep sleep
  • promote blood circulation, leave the skin feeling soft and youthful


  • Cold Sauna

Cold sauna is the last point in the process of experience at Spa, researched and developed by a Japanese doctor since 1980 as a therapy for beautiful skin. It also helps to relieve pains of muscle, reduce inflammation, sleep disorder and sciatica. This method makes a drop in temperature of the body after increasing temperature in previous rooms. It has effects on pore minimizing and skin tightening. In the temperature from 0 to 5 degree, Cold Sauna will improve the blood circulation; cold air makes blood gather on the skin surface. This, activities of cell regeneration will recover the damaged skin. A short time in Cold Sauna will stimulate antioxidant capability, enhance the immune system, relieve chronic pain, push back the tiredness, and bring a fresh feeling.

Several outstanding effects:

  • relieve muscle pain and reduce arthritis
  • minimize pore and tighten the skin
  • strengthen the immune system
  • stimulate the activities of cell regeneration
  • push back tiredness
  • bring fresh feeling for the body


  • Infrared Caves Sauna


Above all, these treatments evoke the feeling of living in a slow-paced life and refuel yourself after a long period of hard work and practice.

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